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Star-packed political cabaret with humour and extravagance!

What does it mean to be a citizen? Do you have to be a citizen? Does citizenship only entail rights or are there responsabilities also?

Medborgarbandet, featuring among others Nina Persson (The Cardigans) and Kristin Amparo, wish to inspire hope and a belief in the future for the Swedish voter during the 2018 election year. In this steamingly fresh show, they deliver sharp dramatic texts with humour, extravagance and commitment. A cast of around ten add life to the stage featuring a live-band and artists, known and unknown, with the will to lift the collective. This is good old entertainment.

Medborgarbandet is a current movement with the will to start conversations about democracy, citizenship and the importance of caring about our society with the intention of inspiring commitment and participation. The initiators of this movement are Gudrun Hauksdottir and Nina Persson. The inspiration for Medborgarbandet comes among others from the political New York-based music group The Citizens Bandof which Nina Persson was a part of for several years.

Medborgarbandet played the show Vinnaren tar allt at Malmö Stadsteater during the spring of 2018 to amazing reviews.

When 25 August

Where Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus

Price 114 - 265 kr

Genre Music

Length 50 min

Organizer Umeå Teaterförening och Umeå kulturförening Humlan

Nina Persson, Sakib Zabbar, Angelica Radvolt, Dennis Lyxzén, Kristin Amparo, Kanyi Mavi, Laszlo Dancs, Oscar Johansson, Nadia Hamouchi, Amanda Savbrant and Joakim Svensson.

Artistic team 
Idea: Nina Persson & Gudrun Hauksdottir
Direction: Hugo Hansén
Scenography och costume: Helle Damgaard
Choreography: Ambra Succi

Text and music
Gertrud Larsson, Åsa Asptjärn, Athena Farrokhzad, Felicia Mulinari, Nina Persson, Anna Kölén, Emil Jensen, Jenny Wilson, Conakry, Thomas Öberg, Kristin Amparo, Kanyi Mavi, Panda da Panda, Oscar Johansson, Mattias Joko, Alexander Wiebelt, m.fl.

Saturday 25 August

19:00 - Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus


Ordinarie: 265 kr

Scenpass: 225 kr

Medlem i Humlan: 225 kr

Ungdom/Student: 114 kr

25 Aug


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