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Fanny Stand Up was a result of two projects running 2016 - 2019 within Umeå Teaterförening that aimed to build a stand-up scene in northern Sweden focusing on equality, diversity and quality. 

Our project aimed to allow people who have yet to try out comedy to have the oppertunity to enter the stand-up scene together with established comedians. The project entailed courses and stand-up clubs in several towns in northern Sweden as well as a recurring club in Umeå. Based in Umeå, our aim was to establish networks through activities around the country. The project was made possible through collaborations with Bilda Nord, Region Västerbotten och Postkodstiftelsen. 

After the project concluded in february 2019, the non-profit association Fanny Stand Up was established, which will continue to offer stand-up comedy courses and clubs focusing on equality and diversity. The partnership with Umeå Teaterförening will continue so keep an eye out for coming events.

At this time all clubs and courses are run in Swedish.


Fanny Stand Ups upcoming events

KLUBB FANNY (PK-Fittan with Elina du Rietz)

APRIL 3, 2018

Studion, Umeå Folkets Hus

Doors open at 7pm, The Show starts at 8pm



14 Jun – 31 Aug

Kallar du, kommer jag

27 Aug

Förstå världen – Möt Radiokorrespondenterna

3 Sep


13 – 15 Sep

Hög Tid

15 – 16 Oct


31 Oct


8 – 9 Nov


23 – 24 Nov

Lohengrin Dreams

29 – 30 Nov

Cirkus Cirkör - Epifónima

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