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Backbone - Gravity & Other Myths

Spectacular Contemporary circus

Hard-edged, throbbing, explosive acrobatics that reference birth, death and primordial physics collide with intimate verbal confessions and insights into what it feels like to be on stage in real time... Complete with sweaty armpits.

By exposing the inner workings of the world-class acrobat they unveil the magic that is Gravity and Other Myths most precious commodity; the genuine human connection between the performers and the audience.

At its conceptual center, it is a story of how things come together. People, planets and plans. Audience, performer, sound and light. The thoughts that shape us and in turn define how we make sense of our inner and outer worlds.

The piece moves with agility between chaotic creation stories and our seemingly ordered understanding of the here and now, all the while hinting at the strange space between knowing and contemplating our mortal significance.

"A spectacular exploration of circus and its relationship to order and chaos in our lives." - Limelight Magazine
"Conceptually brilliant and sophisticatedly simple... circus with a big, pounding heart and an honest, earthy soul." - In Daily
"Imaginative, expressionistic, thrilling and aesthetically refined." - Artshub

Audience Suitability: 10 years plus

When 21 April

Where Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus

Price 175 - 350 kr

Age restriction Rekommenderas från 10 år

Genre Circus, Show

Length 70 min

Organizer Umeå Teaterförening, Studieförbundet Bilda

Director: Darcy Grant
Designer: Geoff Cobham
Composer & Musician: Ekrem Eli Phoenix find the soundtrack here
Assistant Lighting Designer: Max Mackenzie
Associate Directors: Jascha Boyce, Lachlan Binns
Sound Designer: Mik LaVage
Production: Gravity and Other Myths, Aurora Nova

Ensemble: Martin Schreiber, Simon McClure, Lisa Goldsworthy, Lewis Rankin, Dylan Phillips, Lewie West, Mieke Lizotte, Amanda Lee



Friday 21 April

19:00 - Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus


Ordinarie: 350 kr

Scenpass: 295 kr

Student: 295 kr

Ungdom: 175 kr

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