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Metsä - The Forest Project

Air acrobatics in the tree tops

Two finish circus artists and a forest. Chroreographic climbing through rough terrain. Dance in shallow water and air acrobatics in the tree tops. You have never experienced the forest like this before.

The forest is a place of spirituality, where the ancient gods of nature once were worshiped. In Metsä – the forest project, the circus artistists Sade Kamplia and Vivi Roiha explore the Finish peoples relationship to the forest.

The forest once dictated the pace of life, with its life cycles and seasons. A place where mushrooms and berries are present, but also prey. Once upon a time, the forest was our master, but industrialisation has changed the relationship between humans and nature.

During the performance, the audience will walk through the forest by Carlshöjd. Metsä in Umeå is shaped around this very forest. The audience will meet air acrobatics in the tree tops, pair acrobatics with tree trunks, balance acts on blocks of stone, chroreographic climbing, acrobatic dance on shallow water and soundscapes woven by unusual instruments, by voices and by nature. All is inspired by Finish-Ugric folklore. The audience will also have time to experience the calm and silence of the forest and share it with others. How does a forest sound?

Metsä – the word means forest in Finish – is based around a holistic viewpoint where worlds are interdependent. Nature is often treated as something to be exploited for maximum profit, without consideration of the consequences. It is Kamppila och Roiha conviction that many of our societies problems and our inability to find happiness stems from the fact that we as humans have lost connection with our surrounding nature. With ”Metsä”, they wish to take a step towards a more balanced relationship with nature together with the audience.

Be aware that the terrain may be rough, wet and hard to negotiate.

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When 2 September

Where Samling vid Carlshöjdsskolan

Price 90 - 180 kr

Genre Circus, Dance

Length ca 80 minutes

Organizer Umeå Teaterförening

By and with Sade Kampplia / Vivi Roiha / Sirkus Aikamoinen

21 – 22 Jan

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