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Two sublime circus artists. The best of friends and the biggest competitors. Fiercely they struggle to be best, fastest, strongest. They compete until the last drop of sweat and drive each other mad.

Gregarious is a wonderfully anti-heroic study of the human side of sports – in between competition and fraternity. Team spirit against rivalry. In English, “gregarious” is a term for animals and people who feel most at ease in a group. And in Spanish, ‘gregario’ is a water carrier – a helper who must sacrifice himself to lead his team captain to victory in road cycling.

Based on their own friendship and partnership, the two artists have created a contemporary circus gem bursting with charm, energy and bubbly humour. With absolute superior physics, spectacular scenarios and witty bites, they challenge human nature and make us recognize and laugh at ourselves.

When 15 – 16 October

Where Vävenscenen

Price 95 - 190 kr

Genre Circus

Length ca 50 min

Organizer Umeå Teaterförening & Bilda

By and with Nilas Kronlid & Manel Rosés
Outside eye Joan Català & Angela Wand
Music Albert Oliveres
Props and construction Ullrich Weisel & Soon Company
Video and photos Nanouk FilmsCostumes: Soon Company & Nanouk Films

Tuesday 15 October

19:00 - Vävenscenen

Wednesday 16 October

19:00 - Vävenscenen


Ordinarie: 190 kr

Scenpass: 150 kr

Student: 170 kr

Ungdom: 95 kr

18 Sep

Klubb Fanny - Jonatan Unge

22 Sep

Svante möter Beppe Wolgers

1 Oct


5 Oct

Allt som är värt

7 – 8 Oct

Lunch- / middagsteater När prinsen kom till byn

9 Oct

Klubb Fanny - Emma Knyckare + Ina Lundström

10 Oct


11 – 26 Oct


12 Oct

The Met: Live in HD - Turandot

15 – 16 Oct


20 Oct

En kväll med Hasse och Tage

27 Oct

The Met: Live in HD - Manon

28 – 29 Oct

Lunch- / middagsteater Effekten av affekten

31 Oct


5 – 6 Nov


8 – 9 Nov


8 Nov

Human Zoo

9 Nov

The Met: Live in HD - Madama Butterfly

13 Nov

Nakna som foster och gudar

18 Nov


20 Nov

Klubb Fanny - Petrina Solange

23 – 24 Nov

Lohengrin Dreams

23 Nov

The Met: Live in HD - Akhnaten

24 Nov

Samuel Ljungblahd and The Red Kettle Masschoir

25 – 26 Nov

Lunch- / middagsteater "Fröken"

26 Nov

Nybergs mekaniska verkstad

4 – 15 Dec

Tillbaka innan midnatt

9 Dec

Riddare av tusen äventyr

10 – 11 Dec

De oroliga

14 Dec

Franska Trion

17 Dec

Kraja - Isen sjunger

11 Jan

The Met: Live in HD - Wozzeck

15 Jan

Bye bye bror

26 Jan

Live from Bolshoi

14 Feb – 21 Mar

Klungan - Toppa jaget

30 Apr – 1 May


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